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We decided to do a Missions List for Sleeping Dogs because we saw that the internet is full of topics asking for this list but it can't be found nowhere.

Big Smile Lee Sleeping Dogs has been one great game.

COMBAT MOVESA couple of my favourite combat moves aren’t immediately obvious to players starting out in the game.

Firstly, if you sprint towards a wall and hit the Attack button just as you’re jumping off the wall, you can perform a spinning wall kick to a nearby enemy.

Hey everyone, my name’s Dan Sochan and I’m producer here at United Front Games, developers of Sleeping Dogs.

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You will then be able to call her for a proper date.Step 1: Play through the game doing whatever side missions and collect any collectibles you come upon, at your leisure. There are a total of 30 story missions for you to complete.You will also be completing police cases, a total of four spread out into several missions each.If you’re playing the game right now (you are playing, aren’t you?) you might want to read-on for some of United Front Games’ insider tips for your first play-through of the game.

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