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Bit Torrent said its three-year-old Bundle platform reaches a global audience of 200 million fans and is used by Thom Yorke, Major Lazer, G-Eazy, Soulection, Fool’s Gold Records, Red Bull Media, Drafthouse Films, Sony Pictures Classics and the BBC.

It introduced paygates in 2014, touted as allowing creators to set the price they choose for their work while keeping 90% of the sale revenue.

Chidekel previously was a partner at the entertainment law offices of Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields.

And finally, the company is also promoting Straith Schreder to be Bit Torrent’s new VP of creative initiatives and head the opening of the new Los Angeles office.

reported on June 2 that Bit Torrent was spinning off its Sync file synchronization tool into a separate company headed by former Bit Torrent CEO Eric Klinker.

others the massive opportunity that is, selling information products online.

It tells you what data is being downloaded and it tells the client where to go to find the data.

But League is one of the earliest adopters of the Bit Torrent tech for feature distribution, as much of Hollywood has been hesitant to experiment with it.“I think that Bit Torrent has its PR challenges in terms of people’s understanding of what it is,” says League.

Honora, A24 and Oscilloscope are among the pilot film partners with their own dedicated channels.

Honora’s will include David Cross’ “Hits,” new series “We Are San Marino” and “The Specials,” a preview of upcoming series “Back On Track” and three short films from director Andy de Young.

Odds are that this is being done via Bit Torrent, a highly effective way to transfer files over the Internet. If the Internet is a highway, then there are many different ways of transporting files down that highway.

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a way that content creators put media online for people to access.

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