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In my ten years of dating, I've dated some pretty horrible guys.

I'm not going to say it was entirely their fault because I was dumb enough to fall for their games and allow them to be douchebags.

They're the ones who think doing one nice thing lets them off the hook for being an assh*le. You'll flirtily throw in a little “Wow, you're mean” or “You're being a d*ck,” but he takes it too seriously. He sure has something to say about the places you like to go and the outfits you wear, but he won't shy away from joining you at those places and taking off those clothes.“I love it when you wear black,” he says when you're wearing white.“You're funny when you're angry,” he tells you. The bartender sure loves him, but you're not quite sure if you do.

They're the ones who always SAY that they're nice — but act the opposite. They seem to have friends, but they're often alone. He's You're picking up on clues that indicate he's not this sweet guy you once thought he was. But as soon as the bartender comes over, this guy is all kinds of chatty. But you've been trying to pull conversation from this guy all night.

Pretty, smart and outgoing young women who date utter and complete douches- and not in the “vaginal irrigation” sense. You wonder why the douchebags you date don’t call you, don’t want to be exclusive or never any affection or respect.Then, he decided to move on to someone new just two months later, after I invested four years of life, let alone my early 20s, with him.It's not to say these men didn't make up some of the most wonderful experiences of my life.Even if you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you are safe from the douchebag. I used to date douchebags with impressive velocity.Every single one of them broke up with me and I was always left feeling like a small piece of me died.

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