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Not all of the following etiquette tips apply to both live chat software *and* Instant Messaging conversations, but I'm sure you'll figure out which is which :).

In a casual environment, funky and humorous screen names may be cool, but not so in a business environment.

- Restores missing photo capture resolution options (up to 800x600 pixels).





The following tips can help you communicate via these mediums more effectively, and by doing so, convert more potential clients into paying customers or casual contacts into valuable partners.During the setup, agents have to create a new account and enter the credentials into their instant messenger.Next, chat bots are added as friends to the account, making it possible to answer chats from visitors.In order to participate in Instant Messaging the only requirement is that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player.If anyone you're attempting to chat with is having trouble with the Instant Messaging feature, they should go to The Members Online panel is positioned to the lower right of the web site.

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