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He books into camp once a month and lives like a soldier for a week.

But it is all in the name of entertainment - Hammington is filming the military-themed reality TV programme, Real Men.

They are American-born Robert Holley, Australian Sam Hammington, Frenchman Fabien Yoon and Sam Okyere from Ghana.

SAM HAMMINGTON, 37, AUSTRALIA Sam Hammington is an Australian, but he is serving his "national service" in the South Korean army.

These 9 amazing stars showcased their strong leadership skills long before they made their debut.

The hard training stars go through to become the singers and actors they are today isnt an easy task to complete, but these celebrities stepped up their game and aimed higher.

"It's like you have to reshape your brain once a month. You have to wake up at a certain time, eat at a certain time.

Sometimes these threats are real, and sometimes they are overemphasized to achieve social and political goals.

By Andray Abrahamian Expats in China have been lamenting the recent media and bureaucratic crackdown on foreigners.

Now expats in Korea have something to complain about: an MBC program “Viewing the World Moment to Moment” (Sesangbogi Sisigakgak) broadcast last week titled ``The Shocking Truth About Relationships with Foreigners.” The ``shocking truth” in this rather unfortunate piece of ``journalism” is that Korean women sometimes sleep with foreign men.

I think there was a foreigner (guest- for like, the first 1-3 episodes?

) in Dream Team, a korean show that test the physical abilities of celebrities in Korea.

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