Molley burnett dating

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When it comes to the small town of Salem, love and romance rule the land — with people falling in and out of love .

Therefore it is natural for cupid to hit his arrow of love on some daytime actors, behind the scenes at the soap, and it happens more than you think.

So, for the ones who are is the line to take a chance on the lady we are bringing in the details about her split up matter and her current dating scenario.

Not once but twice, the lovely lady has shattered from the painful phase of heartbreak.

'She took exception to this and punched door steward John Barclay on the back of the head.

Days of our Lives Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick are dating!

Molly Burnett: I have a big painting hangin’ up behind my couch and a big white fuzzy rug and tons of glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling of my room.

Molly Burnett is the first born of Katie and David Burnett, and was raised in the Denver Suburb of Littleton, Colorado along with her younger brother Will.

Known to have a dramatic flair about her from a young age, her theatrical career began to flourish as a teen while attending Littleton High School.

A budding thespian, she took on numerous roles at both LHS and theater companies in the greater Denver area.

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