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“Only two men are enrolled, and a third died since he signed up, but more men are being recruited,” reports the Journal.

Sadly, the elderly women interested in meeting their match face the same problem many younger New York women do: a lack of eligible bachelors.

Published on Tuesday April 29th , 2008 Nurses are the caregivers of the world, but who is there to take care of nurses? Whether they're networking communities or scholarship sites, these 100 websites have a common goal of usefulness for nurses.

News & Reference These sites are a great jumping off point for current events, research, or just general resources.

Seniors can discuss dating challenges, gain access to senior dating resources such as expert dating advice, editorial postings and an online community. - Free online senior dating service with progress tracking, chat rooms, instant messaging,etc. Senior - Online senior dating service with a live senior dating counselor offering 24/7 professional dating advice, along with a comprehensive site including dating advice, safety tips, senior date ideas, dating forums, and senior dating blogs.

Online, open to seniors in USA, Canada, UK and all countries.

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