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It is believed Dr Mehta then skipped bail of $US100,000 and travelled to New Zealand before he could face court.

Two years later, he changed his name to Robert Taylor before moving to Australia where he had been working until his medical licence was suspended last year.

"With the advanced traffic management vehicles, we've turned off that unlicensed alert because of the high number of alerts we get that we can't cope with," he said."These things could just be one day out of licence, so they're still within their renewable period."Commissioner O'Callaghan told the hearing the system has become a headache for police, because it cannot differentiate between a vehicle that has been unlicensed for a time within the grace period, or for several months.

The State Opposition's Transport spokesman, Ken Travers, said the admission was proof the Government should never have scrapped car registration stickers."The Government has clearly given up, and it shows that we are seeing more unlicensed vehicles on our roads, because of a bad decision taken by the Barnett Government some four years ago," he said.

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Ms Hasler said she welcomes feedback, and the festival supports artists in many ways including free tickets.At the time it was heralded as cutting-edge technology that would save the Government millions of dollars.But Commissioner O'Callaghan has told a budget estimates hearing police have been forced to turn off part of the system so they can focus on other alerts, such as those notifying officers that a child sex offender is in a restricted area.Advertising on vehicles is currently self-regulated by the industry, and action cannot be taken on complaints made to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB).The Queensland laws would allow the Department of Transport and Main Roads to cancel a vehicle's registration if the owners did not remove the offending slogans within 14 days of being advised to do so by the ASB's Standards Board.

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