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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum- Lovely () 235.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum- I'm Calm () 234.

With The Super Bowl blowing up television screens and beer kegs nationwide, there will be plenty of eyeballs glued to the screen. When my dad cooks, he is very precise, making even cuts of cheese squares to top basic hamburger topped french rolls or ciabatta. It seems like the discussion of blogger’s financial incentives for creating sponsored blog posts has been showing up everywhere I look lately.

SF is in my family’s blood, it’s one of my favorite cities and the niners were always a special connection with my dad, the ultimate T. Somehow I married a niner’s fan, it was where we took our first trip together, and it’s now Smudge’s favorite team too. This is my dad’s specialty, one that when I called him to get the recipe, he had made just the night before!

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We still call them hamburgers even though they’re topped with cheese, because that’s how my dad has always done it. This week’s blog crush: Natasha immediately put me under her spell with the mere words, “I topped each custard with four fluffy kisses of Swiss meringue, which I lightly torched to toasty. And then I got a lump in my throat thanks to my stomach doing back flips because it was so excited. Dianne took a stab at exploring the topic of sponsored posts with Lori who shares her successful recipe for working with brands.

It all looks way too simple to taste as delicious as it does. If hats aren’t your thing, then whilst planning your own football fashion forward wardrobe be sure to think about the day’s menu. For a little crunch, I added hazelnut brittle, which has an intensely nutty flavor.” Oh is that all? While I could have made practically an entire blog post from my possibly too enthusiastically lengthy comment, I appreciate Dianne giving us all the opportunity to continue the conversation. I was a tad reluctant to join yet another social media outlet, but I must admit, I have a feeling I’m going to be hooked.

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