Prince dating now

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Over the weekend, rumors began circulating about the romantic status of the world's most eligible bachelor, none other than England's Prince Harry.

(Cue: the shattering sound of a million dreams of becoming a princess, all dashed to pieces.)The woman at the heart of this new hoopla?

We did some digging and here's what we've learned about this special lady..

"Now I get to say my own words and I try to remain authentic in it and in the way I live my life."Power of Bracelets: To further fuel the romance speculation, Meghan was spotted on Instagram wearing beaded bracelets that are very similar to the ones Prince Harry has worn.

She’s very smart, hardworking, and incredibly sweet.” 5.

She’s a UN Women Advocate: “I spoke about this in a speech I gave for International Women’s Day with UN Women just two years ago.

But who that mystery person is—it could be a friend, or an associate, after all—remains unknown.

Sleep tight xx (Update: Thanks so much to those who shared the photo cred :) I didn't know, and I love it!

”She’s way more into having a low-key night in than going out to party.She returned to the Chicago campus in 2014 for a panel discussion. My dad was a lighting director for a soap opera, and my mom was a temp at the studio.“It’s my alma mater, so I’m really happy to be back here,” she said at the time. They moved into a house in The Valley in LA, to a neighborhood that was leafy and affordable,” she shares with 13.Recently Prince opened up quite a bit to India Today Online regarding his personal life. If something like that ever happens, people will come to know.The star who is currently wowing everyone with his performance in the &TV show, Badho Bahu, is not afraid to speak the truth. Now they are just assuming things," the actor added.

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