Validating vs non validating parsers with xml

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XML is an application profile or restricted form of SGML, the Standard Generalized Markup Language.

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XML-Datenstrukturen sind auch fr andere als die ursprngliche Anwendung verstndlich.

XML was initially "developed by a W3C Generic SGML Editorial Review Board formed under the auspices of the W3 Consortium in 1996 and chaired by Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems, with the very active participation of a Generic SGML Working Group also organized by the W3C." An XML WG (Working Group) under W3C served initially as an editorial board, which received input from an XML Special Interest Group.

As of late 1998, the XML design effort was re-chartered under the direction of an XML Coordination Group and XML Plenary Interest Group to be carried out in five new XML working groups: XML Schema Working Group, XML Fragment Working Group, XML Linking Working Group (XLink and XPointer), XML Information Set Working Group, and XML Syntax Working Group.

The lxml XML toolkit is a Pythonic binding for the C libraries libxml2 and libxslt.

It is unique in that it combines the speed and XML feature completeness of these libraries with the simplicity of a native Python API, mostly compatible but superior to the well-known Element Tree API.

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